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School Programmes


On The Hill facilitates residential and day programmes for primary and secondary schools and alternative providers, which seek to empower young people through meaningful project based work in the outdoors.

Our programmes provide a connection to the land, to the natural environment as well as encouraging friendship and social bonds to develop.

Our land-based curriculum  includes activities in food growing, cooking, building projects, bushcraft, music and creative arts,  green woodwork, felting and blacksmithing and looking after animals on Oxen Park Farm.

We run a range of bespoke programmes, lasting between 1-10 days.

We offer a unique learning experience, specific to the needs of children and young people, the curriculum, and the land. 

We also offer professional development (CPD) programmes for teachers.


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Primary Day Visits - Seed To Table

We host and facilitate day activities for local schools and groups of children, with a particular focus on the food education and the seed to table journey.

We can also design bespoke learning days on the farm, so do get in touch for a conversation.



The Tribe programme is a partnership between On The Hill and a school that aims to raise young people’s confidence, resilience and academic attainment. Land-based learning residentials provide the young people with the opportunity to experience themselves in a new context, away from their normal concerns and distractions. They take on self-leadership and leadership responsibilities and strengthen their relationships to themselves, their peers and their environment.


Experiential Science

The natural and farmed environment becomes a laboratory in which students are carrying out genuine experiments where the outcome is not known at the beginning and there is no such thing as a “wrong” result. Learning in this way offers opportunities for authentic discovery, embracing chemistry, biology, physics, history, geography, design and technology, PSHE and craft, all based on a series of practical workshops.

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A transformative residential programme for young people aged 14-18. The LEAP programme aims to inspire and empower young people, connecting them to a world where they feel able to make positive change and supporting them to develop as future change makers, entrepreneurs and leaders.

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