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Hill Tribe Camp 2024 


1st - 6th April (14-17yrs)

"this is what life should be like, I felt happy all day long!"
Hill Tribe, 2022
Hill Trib
Rites of passage camps
for young people

Would you like to live outside on a hill in beautiful countryside?

Do you care about the living world?

Do you want to discuss the challenging issues of this time?

Do you want to express your creativity?

Do you want to to do dangerous things safely?

Do you want to develop some real-life skills?

Do you long for some stillness?


" I will take away a renewed appreciation for life away from technology, and a more open mind to the world"


Young person, Hill Tribe 2022

About The Camp

Hill Tribe is a unique, magical and transformative camp for young people.

Our team of creative, dynamic and experienced practitioners bring groups of young people together to live  up on our beautiful hill here in the Teign Valley in South Devon.

Over 6 life-changing days we'll explore ways in which we can meet the present and future with creativity, courage, capacity and joy both individually and in community.


Building relationships and community, Teamwork, Self-Reflection, Nature Connection, Fire making, Legacy.
Doing Dangerous Things Safely, Pushing Your Boundaries,
Cooking, Fire Craft, Rural Crafts, Music, Theatre, Play, Community Care,
Meaningful Conversations, Stillness, Time in the Woods and by the River, Sleeping Out under the stars.


We will create a tribe. We will work respectfully with an individual's wishes to push their own boundaries. We will support you to be yourself, not what others want you to be. We will support you to be yourself, not what you think you should be. We will  enjoy ourselves!

COST: £550 

Bursaries: we will be offering to subsidise up to 50% on 2 places on our 2024 camp. This offer is subject to the economy of the camp, and relies on a minimum number of full fee paying places. Concessions will be awarded based on financial need and will be subject to application.

Get in touch with to enquire about these places.


To book a place for a young person we ask for a £150 deposit. This can be paid by clicking on the link below and completing a booking form.

The remaining balance will be collected by BACS 3 weeks before the start of camp.


We are aiming to offer fully funded places on our camp in 2024 (subject to successful funding support) 

If you wish to refer a young person please get in touch with to express an interest.

All referrals to Hill Tribe are to be made through professionals working in a support role with young people. The title of professional goes to anyone working with young people, which could be anything from being a social worker; social prescriber; CAMHS therapist; Early Help Officer; youth worker; educator or any other mental health professional for young people. 


"Hill tribe is an antidote to our risk averse culture, production line schooling, over stimulated, nature deprived lives."
Jo Clark Founding Director - On The Hill

"Hill Tribe was a magical experience for our daughter... one she will hold in her heart forever I think, so it was exactly what we were hoping for."

S. Norker parent

Hill Tribe 2021


"what have been your highlights?"

Fire heart.PNG

The community, kindness and frienships we created, the fire heart!

20220801_210006 (1).jpg

The people, the culture, the Hill itself and the friendships that I've made


How kind the staff are, they are all so nice!


The music, drumming, gender circles and sitting around the fire

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