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On The Hill Outreach

Re-imagining The Classroom

We work with schools and in community settings to create outdoor spaces, engaging children, young people and adults in the whole process from creative design to planning and getting our hands busy together.

Our experienced facilitators, builders and carpenters will work with you to create cob sculptures, wood fired pizza ovens, circle gardens, fire pit areas, raised beds and growing areas. Re-imagining and devloping the outdoor classroom or community setting.

These projects, particularly in schools are a vehicle for building skills in team work and communication, discovering interests and  hidden talents that perhaps havn't been given the chance to shine, as well as a rich opportunity for developing a variety of practical skills from horticulture to carpentry.

Get in touch for a conversation to disuss your ideas and how we may be of service in your community setting

Recent Projects

King Edward VI Community College Totnes

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King Edward VI Community College

The Peace Garden Project

We have been working alongside students and staff to develop the school community's peace garden.

Over a year we have worked with the SEND students from year 7 to year 11 to design and develop this outdoor space.

It has a central firepit and seating area and many growing beds, with a variety of flowers, plants and food growing-creating new habitats for wildlife.

The most recent project has been building a cob pizza oven, which can be used for community fundraising events and shared lunches.

The resource is available for the whole school community, and learning opportunities can be integrated into the wider curriculum. 

This space is now a haven for wildlife; bees, butterflies and insects have made their home here.

St Peter's CofE Secondary School, Exeter

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