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leap programme

Camping together away from home offers a substantial challenge – and much play and enjoyment - to young people at an age when they are really trying to explore who they are and what their core values are; and to work out how they want to live their lives.


On our camps, students work hard, contributing fully to the running of the camp and to the working of the farm - they often work on a building project. They experience the need to pull together as a team in order to achieve outcomes that might feel overwhelming without the support of their peers. They realise that even the hardest work can be both enjoyable and satisfying. And they leave with a sense of having made a crucial contribution to those who will come later. This whole experience is a vehicle for reflecting on ourselves and our community; on what we value and on how we want to live. Students leave the LEAP programme more aware of their own individual and collective potential and more committed to their goals.

As with all our camps, the focus of the programme is decided through discussion with the school about the particular group of students. Although many of the ingredients of the camp are constant, the way that we put them together can be finely tuned to meet different needs and outcomes.


“The trip made me think I should look out for some of my classmates more and make sure everyone is involved because sometimes people are left out from group activities... I realised I would have to rely on my friends to help me through.”

(Year 9 pupil).

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