Oxen Park Farm is 55-acres of land that is home to On The Hill. At the heart of the farm is our abundant market garden and orchard, spread over about 6 acres of ecological fruit and veg growing. All our produce is grown in harmony with nature, with no chemicals or other nasties. We're in conversion to Organic and Biodynamic status under Demeter, and will achieve full organic status in July 2021.

We provide seasonable vegetable boxes from our farm gate every Tuesday afternoon, packed full of the best from the gardens each week. Click here for more information. We are hoping to launch a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme with the help of people from the Teign Valley later this year.

As well as our ecological local vegetables, we sell small quantities of cider and cider vinegar made on the farm with locally-grown apples as well as the first fruits from our new 200-tree orchard. We also produce free range eggs from our happy rare breed hens. There is also meat from our small flock of Shetland Sheep which roam the hillside here, sold as 'hogget' or year-old lamb.  In the summer we're inundated with sunflowers and other beautiful bouquets. If you're interested in any of these please email us.

Later in the summer a good barn full of quality small bale hay will be made. Much of the land is being managed as wildflower meadows, and we have just started a DEFRA environmental stewardship scheme covering many aspects of our land stewardship. The farm is still home to a beautiful small herd of South Devon Cattle, cared for by farmer Jerry Horsman who farmed these fields with love and care for many years. 

The young people, families and volunteers who visit On The Hill play an active part in creating this produce, from sowing seeds to hoeing weeds and harvesting binfuls of apples in the autumn. Through taking part in the process of producing real, healthy vegetables we hope to educate and inspire people to live and eat healthily, in harmony with nature.

Oxen Park Farm in May