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Educator Training 

''Learning is experiencing, all the rest is just information''

Albert Einstein

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On The Hill offers enrichment opportunities for teacher education programmes within Higher Education and for practitioners working across educational settings with a residential stay at Oxen Park Farm.

We offer a relational pedagogical model to connect students with the land, with work and with each other - building confidence and skills in learning and teaching practices in the outdoors. Programmes are staffed by experienced educators and facilitators. Programmes can be tailored to suit the needs of the participants, whether students or professionals.


We offer a variety of HE programmes to suit specialisms, study level and group interests. While we will tailor our programmes to suit your group, the packages listed below provide a starting point for considering how we can enhance your undergraduate and postgraduate programmes as well as provide CPD opportunities for professional educators



Undergraduate education groups benefit from residential insets as part of their degree programmes. The residential experience provides an important opportunity for students to reflect on their personal education journeys, to critically examine the current context of education and offer a chance to consider their role in shaping the future of education.

Importantly, these insets provide rich social experiences for undergraduate students. 


At postgraduate level - including PGCE and MSc - we work with students to enhance teaching practice in outdoor environments and to develop a knowledge and appreciation of experiential learning; enabling a development of skills and competencies which trainee teachers can take back to their studies and schools. Further to this, we make use of a relational approach to teacher education, prompting an appreciation of interdependence between the learning group, and the wider environment



We offer a range of CPD opportunities for educators at a variety of levels working in both formal and informal education settings. We provide day and residential workshops focusing on outdoor and experiential learning competencies, educational practice and offer forums for research groups to meet and develop their work. We offer all facilitation for CPD workshops, as well as a venue hire option.

Our CPD programmes are open to all educators working across the range of educational


Contact us to discuss programme options and collaborative/bespoke offerings.

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