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Three Land-based trainee/assistant opportunities available  with On The Hill April to October 2022



We are offering three opportunities for hard-working, motivated people who are interested in exploring and learning from our experiential, land-based methodology and developing practical and facilitation skills. We consider that everything that needs to be done here on the farm offers a learning opportunity.

Our philosophy is to engage people in meaningful activity in service to the land, self, community, and the future. 

As well as our On The Hill trainees, there will be two other trainees working with Teign Greens CSA, developing skills, growing food and learning how to set up a Community Supported Agriculture.


We would love to hear from you if you are keen to participate in the activities and general everyday life of our seasonal community at the farm. Every aspect of life here requires full engagement with the transient community, living, working, and playing here at Oxen Park Farm.


The application closing date is January 24th at 5pm. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to come to the farm in mid-Februrary for an interview and to experience this place for a couple of days.


''Learning is experiencing, all the rest is just information''

(Albert Einstein)


 On The Hill trainee/assistant positions

Land-based Learning Facilitator


On The Hill work with a broad range of people. Children, young people, adults, families, and students.

We are exploring a way of learning where people are engaged in practical activity engaging head, heart, hands, and senses, where learning is collaborative and community orientated.

We believe that in light of the climate emergency and present educational and societal challenges we should be focusing our education on building mental and physical well-being, practical skills, communication skills, and the ability for self-reflection, ultimately building resilience in the next generation.

Ours is a relational pedagogy, less focused on content and information and more on how we interact with each other, our natural and farmed environment, the food we eat, community, and ourselves.

Our educational ethos is not just learning by doing, it is also learning by being. Spending mindful time away from screens; in nature, being still, being able to share reflections in a group process, engage in conflict resolution, exploring what we care about and what we feel responsible for.

If the above inspires you to want to be involved, and if you have had experience teaching, facilitating or working with young people in another capacity then we would like to hear from you.

We are looking for a passionate educator who would like to work with the rest of the team to design, prepare and deliver immersive and transformative programs.

Empowering the next generation will change the world.


Land-based Learning Kitchen and Garden 


Food is central to everything that happens here, all who visit the farm in whatever capacity are involved in the growing, preparation, cooking, and consumption of food.

Children, young people and adults are offered the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in all aspects from seed to table.

To this end, we welcome applicants whose focus would be to facilitate participants to engage in all aspects of this work.

Please apply if you are passionate about bringing people into a greater connection and understanding of the relevance of all elements of food provision.

Some experience and a good level of confidence in managing a kitchen and cooking for large groups is necessary, along with experience of working with young people

How we grow and consume food will change the world.


Land-based learning Site and Land 


Oxen Park Farm is becoming a more complex operation year by year. We have at present a flock of shetland sheep and some chickens and we are exploring the prospect of setting up a micro-dairy.  Buildings and general facilities are being improved year by year.

The site, garden, and land management are all areas in which we involve course participants. Sustainable building, charcoal making, tool and machine maintenance, hedgerow and woodland management, animal husbandry, field-scale food production are some of the areas that offer people hands-on opportunities to develop skills and knowledge.

There are daily maintenance needs and anything that needs repairing offers a learning opportunity.

To this end, we are looking for an applicant with some practical experience in these areas who would like to develop facilitation skills working with all age groups.

Young people are taught few practical skills yet our most popular workshop with teenagers is tool repair! 

Empowering all people by giving them the chance to use real tools making and repairing real things, engaging them in real farming activities is core to our practice.

The craft of facilitating their journey of discovery in these areas is the key to the quality of their experience.

Building resilience will change the world


What we offer

  • A well-equipped, comfortable caravan with a wood burner to live in

  • £50 per week stipend

  • All basic store cupboard foods and fresh vegetables ( worth at least £25 p/w)

  • Regular mentoring and reflection sessions

  • Weekly community meetings

  • Use of community kitchen and dining area

  • Compost toilets and hot showers on site


The expectation

  • ​x 4 days a week 8.45am - 5.00pm

  • We do however require flexi working, to include evenings and weekends while we are running our residential programmes.

If you would like to apply please send a letter with answers to the following, along with your CV to


1. What experience do you have that is relevant to this position?

2. Why do you think you would be suitable for being part of this project?

3. What would you hope to take from this experience and how would you want to put it into practice?