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Come cob with us this autumn

Our very large cowshed is slowly becoming the posh barn that we have dreamed of. A barn where groups can work and play with crafts, games, singing and many other workshop activities throughout the year. The cob walls have been going up slowly with each school group adding another layer, boshing, sculpting and shaping. Each group has left a time capsule with their messages to the future buried in the walls.

During October and November we intend to complete these walls closing in three sides of the barn. We invite anyone who would like to learn, contribute, and generally get really muddy to contact us and come for a day or a week, where we will work together cobbing, cooking, harvesting and more until the job is done. So come and join us in the beautiful Teign Valley where you are welcome to stay on our campsite overlooking the green rolling hills. Enjoy organic seasonal veg from our abundant garden, as we cook together in our outdoor wood fired kitchen, in another cosy converted barn. To let us know you are coming or to find out more, contact us on here, call on 01647 252643 or email Looking forward to seeing you at the farm! The On The Hill Team

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