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Norwich Steiner School visit Oxen Park

On the 16th of March eighteen 14-16 year old students arrived from Norwich Steiner School to Oxen Park Farm for a seven day camp. After the first morning of tree planting, the snow arrived and it did not stop for 40 hours.

On these programs, On The Hill aims to carefully present challenges to programme participants - challenges that are encountered by the head, the heart and the hands. On this occasion the snow and sub zero temperatures provided more than adequate challenge for us all and everyone really did shine in adversity. As one student so eloquently put it “I’m grateful to the snow for showing everyone what they are really capable of”.

Food and shelter became the focus, keeping warm, especially at night (yes, the group were camping!), was the number one priority. Meals were cooked, a polytunnel frame went up, cob walls started, a bench made and seeds were sown.

These experiential seeds sown in all of us will always remain as fertile memories and for the Norwich students will offer a potent resource as they negotiate their journey into adulthood and beyond.

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