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Snow and the coming spring

Well, what a month it has been at Oxen Park! Last month we hosted our winter volunteer day which saw a welcome warm burst of sunshine to spur on the spirits as a hearty band, spades in hand planted 100 or so more woodland trees on the hill, while replacing broken tree guards.

It turned out that the timing was rather good for this event as the following week the ground was frozen solid (making a nice change from the mud of winter), followed by the now infamous Storm Emma, bringing with her a dazzling blanket of snow across the Teign Valley, and most of the UK.

Snow was up to a foot deep at Oxen Park, leaving the sheep less than impressed...

As the warmer weather comes, we have another volunteer day on the 25th of March which we welcome you to, and our first school group of the year who arrive on the 16th of March.

We are very excited for all that this year holds, as the spring and summer group bookings build up and we continue to develop On The Hill to provide outstanding experiential land-based learning.

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