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Autumn Volunteer Day

On Saturday the 25th we held a volunteer day at Oxen Park.

The task was to put a thick blanket of mulch around each apple tree in our orchard that is all of nine months old.

A small but perfectly formed group enjoyed a day of warm sunshine punctuated with icy showers and managed to distribute about one and a half tonnes of mulch around about a hundred trees!

The trees have done really well and they will receive their first formative pruning this winter (why not come along and help?).

Have you noticed that apples are the last of all the trees to lose their leaves? These young trees are still fully green, making use of the last of the autumn sun. The new Oxen Park orchard already contains one hundred and twenty different traditional apple varieties and more will be added this winter.

We have six hundred more native woodland trees to plant this winter so we will be mobilising a team of planters this Feburary - come and join us on the 24th of Febuary 2018!

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