“I have learned from the school trip to appreciate things more and that there’s more than just our phones and social media.” (Year 9 pupil).

“Living and working with my friends was fun and rewarding and brought us together as a class. The tasks we participated in were hard work, yet satisfying and enjoyable.” (Year11 pupil).


We provide residential land-based and experiential learning opportunities to a wide range of groups, including schools, universities and adults. We also offer outreach visits to schools, colleges and universities.


While we are guided by a set of pedagogical principles including: purposeful work; connection to the natural world; building community and developing resilience over an immersive residential experience, we are happy to talk to you about your specific requirements and ideas. Please feel free to contact us.

Oxen Park Farm, Lower Ashton, Exeter, Devon, EX6 7QW

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