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Development of a Micro Dairy

A dairy farming opportunity. The development of a micro-dairy at Oxen Park Farm.


Oxen Park Farm is developing as an example of regenerative farming that particularly incorporates the Educational, therapeutic, and social human needs that are often not sufficiently catered for in modern life. The farm is perceived as the host entity that can accommodate a number of social enterprises functioning and collaborating as part of the greater ecosystem or organism. If viewed as an organism each enterprise fulfills a particular function and the really interesting aspect is the interaction and collaboration between each organ. We are now fully organic and this year we will become certified biodynamic.


On The Hill permeates every aspect of life on the farm utilizing every aspect of 'what needs to be done', as a learning opportunity. We try to address the skills, contact with nature, wellbeing, and general resilience deficit, particularly in young people.


Teign Greens is working hard to address food sovereignty, lack of local food supplies, and food produced where the well-being of the soil and biodiversity is paramount. The veg box scheme also brings volunteers and members on the land participating in the production of the food they eat with its inherent benefits socially and therapeutically. On the hill, participants work with Teign greens at times providing support whilst learning how food production and distribution can be done differently in harmony with people and the planet.


For 25 years Jerry Horsman and his wife Rosemary kept a suckling herd of South Devon cows at Oxen Park Farm. When we bought the farm 5 years ago Jerry nearly retired at the age of 79, he sold most of his herd but kept a few of his beloved cows until last winter so for one year there have been no cows at the farm.

We run a small flock of Shetland sheep but now there is surplus grazing land. we also have a barn suitable for setting up a dairy.


We would like to hear from you if:

  • You are keen to set up and run another small enterprise here at the farm

  • You are excited about the prospect of collaborating with the other social enterprises particularly with On the hill where course participants could become involved in all aspects of your work

  • You have plenty of experience in animal husbandry and milk and cheese production

  • You are committed to regenerative farming practices

  • You are inspired by what you have discovered so far about on the hill, teign greens and Oxen park farm

  • You are an individual, couple, or family


Possibilities for discussion are as follows:

Setting up a dairy, cows, goats sheep?


Taking over the flock of Shetland sheep

Making a business out of the culling of a few of the thousands of wild fallow deer

Developing egg production 

It is possible that we could provide short-term accommodation at the farm but not long-term due to planning restrictions.


If you are interested please write to Jo Clark at 

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